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Visual Arts

Twin Rivers’ Visual Arts curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire today’s students.  Visual literacy constitutes the new thinking and learning skills of the digital age and creative economy.  The cognitive skills young people will need to find their place in a globally competitive workforce are developed through the arts.  While students in art classes learn techniques specific to art, such as how to draw, mix paint, or how to center a pot, they are also learning to form mental images, solve problems, and innovate. 

Twin Rivers’ students have regular access to high quality arts education during the school day. 
Elementary art specialists serve our TK-grade 2 students setting a foundation for creating, producing, responding and connecting through the arts. All TRUSD Elementary schools have itinerant arts teachers that see each student one day a week. 
Secondary art teachers provide a range of traditional and emerging media.  All high school arts classes meet the A-G requirements for college admission.  Students of all ages benefit from comprehensive, balanced, and sequential learning in the visual arts.